Saturday, February 9, 2013

Feeding My Eyewear Obsession


As an optician at Hotel De VIlle Eyewear, I got to study faces in a whole new way. I'd learned the intrinsic differences that made a cat eye frame work on one woman and not another. The bold attitude it took to carry off a thick frame that could look obnoxious on one man, ridiculous on another, and still well suited to another. In that time I studied myself of course, and on an excursion of study to Oliver Peoples on Sunset I discovered something that gave my heart glee... a pair of 1930s styled P3 shaped amber sunglasses with minty green lenses that suited me to a tee. I had to have them. 
I receive at least a few questions a week about where I got them, so I'll break it all down here and now. The glasses are a reissue of the O'Malley, a popular style that Oliver Peoples made back in the late 1980s when the company was new and on the covers of the most well known fashion magazines around the world. I tend to think the reissue of these glasses, and the others in the vintage lineup have given Oliver Peoples a new energy, a good fresh energy as they return to their roots. Anywho, I spent a nice amount of money on them and used my skills to make them fit me perfectly so that I don't notice when they are on... comfy! 
With the specs came a classic clam shaped case with a beautiful crushed velvet liner... the case is something that slides neatly into a jacket pocket. 
It's not easy to find a good pair of amber colored frames from the 1930s, and quite frankly I'm not really needing to go on that hunt with the discovery of these. The acetate used to make them isn't brittle, and the lenses have a nice anti reflective coating on the inside for me but not on the outside for you. In these ways, the specs are better than vintage.

I present to you the O'Malley by Oliver Peoples. Just one of many in their vintage reproduction line. Part of the 1980s does 1930s eyewear revival.


  1. Pretty cool glasses. They go great with the hat!

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