Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Skyfall Wears

Ralph Fiennes suspender button placement in the new 007 movie was terrible. Outside that, the movie was splendid.

I was pretty keen on all the wears Tom Ford made for Daniel Craig. Very well tailored and fitted for a man with a muscular physique. Very little leeway for any fat. I particularly was fond of the tab collars Craig wore. You see the entire film as having Craig channel that clean "man cutting through the city" look of the 1960s. It was quite an effect to my eye seeing Craigs wears next to those that they put Fiennes in. Fiennes looks were a bit more 90s in style with cloth that was cut to drape away... built up shoulders to the jackets, shirts that bloused out. Fiennes clothing looked clumsy and staid, even if just by a tad when juxtaposition to the clean action ready look of Craig. Very well done.

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