Monday, July 20, 2009

Men's underwear basics

Underwear has not always been a fascination for women and how they want their bodies to appear. There was a time in the world when men… real men took pride in their figure to the point that they would buy underwear that helped improve the look of their physique. As in the way many ladies corset and belly shapers have gone out of fashion, men’s underwear has taken a turn for the drab with choices being limited to pretty much the bare necessities of boxers or briefs or boxer briefs (my preference).

As my belly gets slimmer there are a few things I’d like to share about men’s underwear.
1. With modern underwear, tuck the undershirt into the undershorts.This keeps the dress shirt from being dragged out by the undershirt and gives a cleaner appearance.
2. For the heavier men… wear the undershorts below the overlapping belly and the trousers over the belly and at your natural waist. This takes some of the pressure off your waistband and keeps the undershorts from riding up even higher and causing discomfort.
3. When they change color, buy new underwear... I have been on too many business trips where the guy in the room with me has on a pair that was probably white to begin with though changed color over time... Ladies, if this is your guy... buy him some new cotton.
In many cases the women have it easy... they know where to go when they want a garment that makes them look as though they have lost 5 pounds... For men, in the year 2006 you have to do an in depth google search that may yield nothing you'd touch with a 10 foot pole.