Monday, December 24, 2012

Collar of Things to Come

There are few things as beloved among shirt aficionados as the collarless shirt. The classically attired gent feels unusually inspired and cleverly correct in knowing he can swap out his collar after a long day. Or he may just lose it altogether, preferring to pocket the thing for later reattachment. Vintage examples of the collarless shirt are prized possessions in many a collection, but 1920s Arrows and Van Heusens don’t lend themselves to daily wear.

We at Matt Deckard Apparel are proud and pleased to announce a collarless shirt that will become your favorite for special occasions or as your daily go-to. Its construction is unmatched in the industry. Every seam is finely stitched. The fit is generous without being a balloon. The cuffs narrow enough along the wrist to keep from sliding down onto the hand.
Of course, shirts have always had collars, were you a working man, and your collar was therefore likely blue. Detachable collars fell out of favor in the early 1930s – should you be seen in one, you were either dreadfully old-fashioned or a bloated plutocrat. Nowadays, the glint of a gold collar button merely signifies that you’re cool; not that we have anything against dreadfully old-fashioned bloated plutocrats. (Some of our best friends are dreadfully old-fashioned bloated plutocrats.)
If you’ve never worn a detachable collar shirt, you will find that it changes how you dress. That extra step taken at your wardrobe does in fact put you on a higher plane. Those of you who wear detachable collar shirts, we’re preaching to the converted: but do try one of ours. The attention to detail has come from endless time spent with stacks of interbellum shirts, only we go the extra length to make them a hair better than the best shirtmakers of 1927. Is that chutzpah? Moxie?
That we aim to be the world’s finest custom shirtmaker is no secret. Honestly, big whoop, ‘tis the claim every custom shirtmaker makes. But more importantly, we want our shirts to be the most interesting and most-beloved-by-their-wearers in the world. And this shirt is our new standard in that regard.
We know that the Matt Deckard Apparel client is a particular and judicious character. This shirt was created with him in mind. This shirt was created with you in mind.

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