Friday, February 24, 2012

Leon Drexler: Canada's Custom Hatter


Recently, I went to the studio of Stephen Temkin, the creator of Leon Drexler Handcrafted Fedoras in Toronto and it’s always grand to meet a fellow person who is interested in getting all the smallest of details right. From the hue of that dark blue-green grosgrain ribbon from a factory that no longer exists, to the silk filament thread that is meticulously used to invisibly stitch the binding on the edge, to the silk lining that is sourced from Italy (because it’s better), to the durable beaver felt pounced to that perfect finish, his hats are the perfection of luxury and quality that you’d see from the best bespoke hatters in the 1930s.

Stephen Temkin in his studio

Italian silk liner and sheepskin leather sweatband

There are not many custom hatters left in the world. Of the ones who are still around, there are plenty who can slap together a hat for you with ease, but when it comes to what Stephen is doing in his studio, there is no sense of ease here; he's a craftsman in the old world sense, possessing an eye for detail, a passion for quality materials, and the respect and knowledge of those materials to know how to make some of the best hats on the market today. 

Prices range from $425 to $525 depending on the style and your requirements.

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