Friday, February 17, 2012

Dateline Toronto

There are times I feel full of romance and there are times that I don’t. I’ve gone through a few things in my life, I’ve had lots of money and I’ve had little. I’ve struggled like a peasant and been treated like a king, yet overall, I’m probably spoiled by what I’ve seen and done. I’m in Toronto at the moment building a company out of styles I once thought totally out of the consciousness of the mainstream; styles that appear to be all the mainstream really wants within the last few years yet I see it through my myopic eyes. They want it, but also to my eye, they only want it in a corrupt way. I’m not the rudder of fashion… I can only love my style and know what I love within that paradigm. A paradigm that gives me the emotional reaction I want to feel. I could easily walk out the door everyday wearing a pair of shorts with a top hat or a monocle with a pair of striped pants, but I’d only truly be an eccentric at that point and I don’t have the money or the inclination to deal with the comments, I get enough as it is.

Anywho, just some floating thoughts for this periodical blog… The Powell Fedora is available and it’s sales are growing. Two new headwear styles will be out next month, one of them for the ladies. My style stays as true to my ideal of romance, and something truly from the heart, as all the other goods I will produce as the years go by. There are a couple great designers out there that give their twist to glamour and quality. Matt Deckard Apparel is one you should put in those ranks but without a twist.

Being in Toronto I thought I’d show a few pics of my latest goings on. 

Vintage1940s merino wool and cashmere navy blue overcoat. 
Oliver Peoples O'Malley sunglasses in AMT with mint green lenses
Matt Deckard Apparel Arctic Blue stripe spearpoint collar shirt.
Ralph Lauren Fair Isle sweater vest
Vintage burgundy necktie with red stripes (You can never beat the length and shape of 30s ties)
Allen Edmonds Shell Cordovan special order wingtips
Ralph Lauren burgundy argyle socks, wool blend
Deckard Headwear Powell Fedora in Tusk (You can never beat a Deckard Headwear hat)
Matt Deckard Apparel Laureate tweed suit


  1. My goodness. Dapper indeed! I look forward to the ladies hat...

  2. Haha. You're totally my kind of museum visitor Mister!

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