Sunday, November 28, 2010

Put a Lid on It

Introducing the Laureate Fedora by Matt Deckard Apparel.
This is the prototype. All the details have been hammered out to create the highest quality production felt hat on the market.

I've gone with a high crown and somewhat medium in scale brim in order to accommodate the face shape of most men. Too often do I see dress hats with crowns too low and brims too wide creating an affected look when worn. A dress hat should look natural with a suit and tie, not comical.

I've been studying what's currently out there for years and with that knowledge have worked out what you see below.

There is no powder in this felt so no discoloration or color rubbing off on your hands should occur. The felt is all beaver and has as little stiffener as possible. Over time it should make for a nice soft companion of a hat.

Russet colored roan leather sweatband and white satin liner.

This is the prototype. More info to come as time goes by.