Saturday, November 27, 2010

Looks rich, yet can't be comfortable.

The anti low waist and anti belt posting.

Bit of a diaper look with the low waist and the forward pleats that are slightly too tight and bow out, watch the movie (Wall Street), and then watch a movie from the 1930s with men wearing forward pleat trousers and you'll see the difference. If I were him I'd go 5 inches higher with the waste and have a little more room in general for the seat and the crotch.

The waist and the fit of trousers is a science that depends upon tailors that study anatomy and each and every body type. I go very high with my waist bands because I want comfort and style, not just style... it's also where the narrowest point of me is. I need trousers that can stay up without issue if made to fit without a belt. I wear suspenders because gravity sometimes contests my decision. If I wear a belt I tend to be adjusting all the time like when I have on a pair of trousers without one. Bottom line, suspenders suspend, belts just belt.

Why can't Gordon be comfortable? Well if he's got money he's eating, and if he's really a broker he hasn't time to workout... which means he has a belly. If his waistband is cutting across his belly rather than sitting above it at his waist, it cuts into his belly when he sits. Many men opt for the look of putting their belly above their waist in these situations, I advise to go above. In the end it's just more appealing.

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