Thursday, October 12, 2017

My mother was heavily involved in Girl Scouts, and she had a very active troop that would camp a lot and was quite focused on outdoors type skills. I always asked her why there weren't a lot of co boy scout girl scout activities and one of the biggest reasons she had was that the organizations didn't get along. In another year, the boy scouts allowing girls into the organization would be top story but at the moment there is way too much going on politically and with so many back to back disasters, but this is big news. Am I against it? No, not really... I never saw the girl scout organization having quite the focus BSA did as BSA always had the rock climbing and uniformity and... well, I learned CPR and got to canoe to islands and hiked for weeks on end, ice axed my way up massive hills in Yosemite and got to slide my way down. Most meetings were there to prepare me and the boys in my patrol and troop with seeing if we packed the right gear and had the right badges to trust that each member knew how to use the gear. I earned my Eagle Award knowing that it really meant I learned things that would take care of me and others through emergencies and through normal life. I've me many many girlscouts that exclaimed to me that they had the same oppertunity. I'm not dissapointed in Boy scouts opening their ranks to girls. I'm proud of the decision. #eaglescout #boyscouts #girlscouts

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