Saturday, November 30, 2013

Walk softly and... well it begins with that.

I know... a lot of people have been asking me about my work at Stetson... that's coming... a lot has happened since I worked on set for Home and Family and a few other shows, but the biggest change will be revealed in future posts.

Now for shoes.

I picked up a pair of Cole Haan Lunarlon wingtips not too long ago and… well they are the ideal shoes when it comes to comfort and looks for a classic wingtip. The patina is built in so you don’t have to worry about adding polish over a period of years. They aren’t your typical leather soled shoes, they do have a twist, and the twist tends to be what upsets the stalwarts when it comes to a classic style. They are sneakers that absolutely pass the test of hitting the town as a classic dress shoe; the future shoe that I have always wanted. With my soft feet I’ve often had to live the life of wearing a dress shoe for dancing and lots of walking, but when the time hit to travel I’d run to my sneakers as my feat aren’t warhorse enough to take on leather to pavement day after day. These shoes fix the issue. They look as grand as any of my leather soled shine-able shoes, with only a wet wipe of the surface (sacrilege I know) to make them presentable at any event.

It may be 2013, and sticklers of the old may often surround me when it comes to where I go and how I dress, but in the end we live in 2013, and style knows no bounds… but comfort for me will always be king as long as it carries the style I love.

Check them out; tell me what you think of the look. I’m getting more before they stop making them… that’s what tends to happen when I love something that can be bought.

At the request of Professor Timothy Doran... here are the shoes. 

Living it up in LA, Dallas and Manhattan... Talk to you soon.

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