Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Paradise Lost

It is a very sad duty to inform my clients that Deckard Headwear is suspending production for the foreseeable future. The manufacturer I was using is, after over 150 years of business, closing its doors and thus I no longer have the ability to produce hats of the quality I, and you, require.

I will be issuing refunds.

Despite this sad turn of events, rumblings are a-brew about a new magazine that my comrades and I are formulating about all things interbellum. Great work afoot on that front.

There is a sartorial point I will make in this post, that being:

When it comes to how much shirt cuff should be shown, I go for about ½ or even one inch below the cuff. The shirt cuff must cover the wrist bone while your arms are at your sides while the jacket does not.

There is the presidential look that follows the modern James Cash Penney, Jr. look of wearing one’s jacket sleeve longer, but this isn't very clean...it may be more militaristic, granted, and can work with a sport coat as those are meant for more labor intensive wearing, but when one wishes to actually dress, the judging by the wrist bone method is the way to go.

If you are trying to be young and trendy—hip, if you will, do by all means show much more shirt cuff in your slender gear.

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