Friday, May 18, 2012

Roll up your fedora for travel

A good fur felt hat can last you a lifetime. It gains personality, becomes softer and holds its shape. Many hats, particularly wool ones, will wear out long before they become that constant companion that you can rely on. Let your fur felt become more and more rakish over time. Just remember to have it cleaned now and again.

I was asked to show how packable a fedora could be, so here is Deckard Headwear in action.

PackableAny felt breaks down over time, just like any suit wears out. I chose a very good felt so it wouldn't break down very quickly. I like clothes that I can abuse. This is a hat you can roll up and abuse... But don't forget to properly take care of it as well. Cleaning and blocking are required with a hat over time, just as a good suit needs cleaning and pressing now and again.

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