Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The modern/retro college wardrobe

Harold Lloyd making a good impression sporting his freshman beanie

For those who are going to school in the modern times yet don't want to dress like it, I suggest the following easy wear and care wardrobe essentials for the gentleman with a bag full of books.

1 wool tweed cap
2 fedoras 1 grey 1 brown
1 wool scarf
1 overcoat
1 raincoat
2 patterned sport coats 1 Brown 1 blue (tweed suggested)
1 navy blazer (if you really find one with a crest, make sure it’s from your own school)
1 grey suit
2 sweater vests 1 solid 1 patterned
10 dress shirts 4 white 6 patterned and colored
15 ties some wool some silk must have 1 school tie.
4 pair wool dress trousers 1 in gray flannel
4 pair casual trousers... khakis... linen
2 belts leather 1 black 1 brown
2 pair leather soled shoes 1 brown 1 black
2 pair shoes with rubber soles for weather and comfort (white bucks and saddle shoes)
2 pair pajamas
1 pair slippers
1 terry cloth robe
1 umbrella
6 white handkerchiefs
1 pair round sunglasses

Lots of socks and underwear

Convertible Scholar from Custom Hide
1901 Logan Oxford from Nordstrom

For the athlete

2 pair cotton sweats in gray
1 pair gym shoes, canvas and rubber in black or white

2011 re-released Converse 1946 U.S. Army athletic shoe

For the “I'm not always old school” days

ballcaps (have at least one from your school)
various t-shirts
casual button shirts
leather jacket
school sweater

More college wardrobe suggestions that will impress your professors in the 2012 semesters.

Buster Keaton
sporting bowtie, fancy v-neck sweater tucked into belted trousers,

Buster Keaton
sporting beret, striped regatta jacket, fancy sweater vest tucked into belted wide legged trousers, carrying gladstone bag

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  1. I must say that I really enjoyed this post! I really love the last picture of Buster. I wish I was cool enough to pull off that look. I have berets; maybe I'll just have to go for it one day.