Monday, September 12, 2011

The suit shouldn't make your legs look shorter than they are.

With the low waist on the trousers and the bunching at the ankles, it just makes his legs look shorter than they are. 

There are other issues like the skinny tie and wide lapel imbalance, or the long bunching sleeves, but the critically awkward elements that stand out the most are the pants and the vest. They destroy any anatomical harmony that the eye can enjoy. 

He's a slim man; the long vest trying to go over the low wasted trousers gives it a saggy belly look. If he's going to wear a vest, he needs higher wasted trousers. The vest would have to be shorter giving focus to his trim waist.... Also, he should get those trousers hemmed, he's gonna get his heel caught in the leg and trip.

Good thing is he's wearing a suit. I've had worse fitting things, but I try not to wear them to red carpet functions.


  1. I agree with you, Matt: there is so much that is just so very wrong with all this.... but at least he's wearing a suit and tie!

  2. Bizarre. Pants length is the easiest thing to tailor and yet so many men get it horribly wrong. It would be better with "floods" than that car wreck at the end of his legs. However, those pants are completely bizarre due to the waist and tugging across the crotch, etc. It looks like his pants are sliding down, gangsta style.