Monday, August 9, 2010

Company Update

Some writings I need to clean up and post.

Fit and the Human Anatomy
Comfort and Dress Shoes
How much abuse should a suit be able to take?
What's really timeless in menswear, and what takes you over the edge into costume?

Keep your fingers crossed if you are interested, and I'll keep my fingers pounding as I find all the information that makes those articles truly informational.

But first, updates.

I put out a hat last year that augmented my companies retail lineup. Selling custom clothes is fun yes, but what's really fun is when you can outfit a man from head to toe in a balanced looking outfit. And everyman that exposes himself to the sun should, unless going to the beach for a head to toe tan, wear a hat.

There are a lot of hats on the market right now, some good some bad. I wanted to put something out there that was just a little bit better than any mass produced hat you can find on the shelf of your local haberdasher. A hat that was balanced to the face that didn't look too retro or too costumey. A hat that was just a hat that went well with a nicely tailored suit.

The MD-1 Phantom Gray fedora was a success and I'm doing more, yet this time I'm going to upgrade the quality of the fur felt. They will be in another limited run just like the originals, but they will be in a completely new color that I will showcase here when the prototype is available for photographing. As with the original MD-1, I'll be taking pre sale orders when I've settled on the prototypes specs and know my manufacturer can do it without any hiccups.

Phantom Gray MD-1

MD-1 specs for upcoming run
100 percent beaver felt for flexibility and durability in the elements
Roan Leather sweatband for soft comfort that molds to your head
Satin lining to protect the felt from oils or hair goo you may use

I'll release the price of the upgraded MD-1 when they are available.

Spats. That's right I said spats. The kind you button over your shoes. There aren't enough companies in the world making them and when A client asked me if MDA could make him a pair I said of course. They are now part of the lineup, and when one of our tailors comes to your town all you'll need is an ankle measurement and your shoes size on hand to place an order. Since they are custom, the price is around $130.00 at the moment, they are hand cut and tailor made.

Here is one for a left shoe.

MDA Spats

Isn't it beautiful?

Now the suits. I've been hunting for heavier weight wools like those used in the 1930s and 40s. Cloth you can abuse without really worrying about damaging it too much. Not tweeds, but regular suiting that wrinkles little and can take a tumble so you're ready to show off your chalk stripes at the business meeting the next morning. As you know, I'm all about a suit that you can wear doing just about anything, and that starts with the cloth. More on that in the next Company Update.

There is a new schedule of where you can be measured across the US over the next few months. I'll be adding images of clients in their custom designs so you can see how smashing a well tailored suit can look when it's made to your anatomy without compromise.

Matt Deckard

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