Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Deckard in London

Alltogether the trip was fantastic. I didn't get to see many of the sights I wanted though I was there on business putting my time into a trade show and helping with interviews of tailors. Some of the information is quite interesting. Such as how the whipcords of today wear away unlike the whipcords of yesteryear. One of the tailors was wearing a suit made of whipcord and explaind how he had worn through a pair of trousers and showed me where the seat of his jacket was already pilling up. He also explained that they no longer make the materials as they used to as the fibers being used for the modern wools they get are very fine and break down when even made into whipcords or tweeds. Though those are the rougher fabrics and tend to wear faster than a good twill or mill finished worsted... it's nice to know i'm not insane when i say they don't make the fabric like it used to be made. I questioned him about the heavy weight fabrics and he agreed that even the heavier denser fabrics they make today are not as hard and tend to stretch and show wear faster . I learned alot about body fit and a few measurements that were used for tailoring general suits though are held for the most intricate of jackets such as one that was at Henry Poole being made for the Sherriff of Cheshire. The armholes were tight circles and the jacket was made to give the wearer shape. the tailor explained that Their current suits don't require as much fit or the materials can't give the shape as they used to so they are focussing more on drape. Unlike many US tailors and shopkeeps i've met, these UK chaps are disenchanted with the modern super light threads.

Even saw some vintage material. Mohair with a metalic stripe... they don't make those anymore.

Anywho I saw alot, the London Lounge members were quite a hoot and I'd like to thank them for the compliments on my hat pics and wish they would post some of their own.

As for the local London Fedora Lounge Members... It was wonderful meeting you all. I wish we could have spent more time together. Next time I come it must be a straight social visit. I needed to see those vintage shops. Paddy you're a well spoken man.

Yes I look tired in the pic.
My new girlfriend.

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